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Who we are


Established in 1986, we have over 30 years of experience in project finance with integrated service to our customer with credit basis service. Requirement of this scheme :

  • Customer must be a able to issue Usance L/C 

  • There must be a purchase of goods                                                                                                                                          - We are also able to finance local manufacturing (TKDN)                                                                                                  - The composition is 60 : 40 ( Goods : TKDN )

    OUR 5 (Five) Core Services

  1. Quality control     - Standard export quality by SGS 

  2. Financing              - 100% Usance L/C  360 Day With DP =0% and interest 0%

  3. Delivery                 - Door to Door Service to Site Project

  4. Import Tax            - ASAH handle and pay on Behalf of  Customer Account 

  5. Commissioning    - Installation Supervision direct from factory

Read our company profile in PDF: 

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